Dana White's latest vlog: the one where he apologizes

In this video blog, we see a calmed down Dana White who realizes that what he said was wrong. Of course, he couches his apology with, "I wouldn't attack someone that wasn't attacking me," and "My comments weren't directed towards [the gay community]," but still, he apologized. It's more than I expected. This apology was for the comments White made on his previous vlog, and fulfills the promise he made to the Gay and Lesbian Alliance against Anti-Defamation.

The most puzzling thing actually comes at the end of the video, as White is walking in the Sommet Center after Ultimate Fight Night 18. He runs into C.B. Dollaway, who says, "That's gotta be fight of the night, right?" White answers, "Condit? Yeah." But the fight of the night bonus was given to Tyson Griffiin and Rafael Dos Anjos.