What if? Dana White talks Roy Nelson’s future


There's no doubt the most popular man at UFC 143 was Roy Nelson. For that reason, he's going to stick around. After his loss against Fabricio Werdum, he's now 3-3 with the UFC.

When asked about Nelson's future, Dana White isn't ready to give up on "Big Country," he still wonders if the fighter is cheating himself by not being in tip top condition.

"He's tough man, he's so tough. One of the toughest guys I've ever seen ... ever. The guy brings it. He comes to fight," said White.

Nelson shed some of excess weight and fought Werdum at 246 pounds, but it sounds like White would like to see drop even more.

"I've been telling Roy forever, if Roy took himself serious ... the schtick was funny for a while, but going in at 265 with a frame that doesn't carry 265 makes no sense when you're a professional fighter or a professional athlete of any kind," White said. He got his weight down [but] you wonder what he could do if he really, really trained and got into it."

Nelson lost a unanimous decision to Werdum, but had his moments early in the fight. When it came time to press on the gas pedal, Nelson didn't have the energy.

"If he was in good enough shape to keep that kind of pace he would win more fights," said White.

When asked about Nelson's punching power disappearing if he drop down into the 230's, White didn't think it would take away too much.

"You either have [punching power] or you don't. You got these guys that have knockout power, then guys that don't."

Nelson clearly put in good work to drop from 265 to 246, let's hope he can shed a little more, be able to go three hard rounds and take out heavyweights who legitimately in the top 10.

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