Dana White talks old guard media and the future

In Dana White's mind UFC 100 marked an important shift. The UFC president pointed out during an interview on ESPNRadio1100, that the media he covets the most, finally showed they're getting it with regards to mixed martial arts. It's safe to assume that he wasn't talking about the print media or those print media veterans who've made the transition to the Internet. Unfortunately most of the guys and gals who grew up thinking tennis, golf, horse racing and The Indy 500 were a big deal, are stuck in their ways:

"The debate I saw on Pardon The Interruption (ESPN) between two guys who aren't in the demo (Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon), people are starting to get it."

CBSSports.com's Ray Ratto is another guy in the "demo" who smashed UFC 100 and said it's a niche sport that's reached its peak:

"Ray Ratto is one of these small-minded guys. If everybody were like him, the UFC wouldn't be where it is today. The guy's a small thinking, small-minded knucklehead."

White stayed away from commenting on T.J. Simers' post-UFC 100 column in the L.A. Times. Simers said MMA wasn't his cup of tea but he did lump most MMA fans together describing them as blood thirsty. Listen after the jump as Simers speaks with Cagewriter to defend himself against our comments that he never gave the event a chance and his column was pre-determined.

Simers also took issue with the fact that we pointed out he was sitting in the press room for a good portion of the card, complaining that his ringside seat had an obstructed view (5:05 mark).

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