Dana White pays for infant's life-saving surgery

UFC president Dana White has a brash exterior. He's known for being a tough negotiator, saying what he thinks, and dropping f-bombs at will. It turns out that he also has a heart of gold. White stepped up to pay for a life-saving surgery for the 7-month-old daughter of a popular Thai MMA trainer at Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket.

UFC fighters like Mike Swick and Jon Fitch have relied on Tiger Muay Thai to improve their striking game, and instructor Kru Nai has helped several top fighters. His daughter Tuptim was diagnosed with bilary obstruction, a serious liver condition. A surgery could save her life, but it cost $50,000. Without it, she was given just weeks to live.

The MMA community came together to try to raise money for her surgery. To bring attention to the issue, a poster on the Underground, a popular MMA message board, asked White to give the cash:

Mr. DANA WHITE, If you are a true ambassador for the sport.....PAY FOR THIS SURGERY!!!

Please help, no donation to small........the clock is ticking

That's exactly what White is doing. He confirmed to Yahoo! Sports on Monday that he will pay for Tuptim's surgery.

"I was reading the Underground and saw it and clicked on it and I don't know, I just did. She needs it fast, so I did it," White said via text.

Kudos to the White for stepping up and helping out. White's generosity to the Nai family makes him better than Santa Claus.

Thanks to Bloody Elbow

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