Dana White: 'We only credential real media'

Michael Landsberg from TSN poured gasoline on the fire. It's hard to believe that the TSN audience, which essentially is the ESPN of Canada, really wants to hear all the machinations of the UFC's war with the blogosphere but White took the bait and Landsberg wasted his casual sports fan audience's time.

Landsberg rolled right into a discussion about White's vlog but instead of discussing the offensive language aspects of the piece, they discussed the credentialing policies of the UFC:

"None of the MMA sites have been (welcome at UFC events) for years, cause I don't want them there," said White. "Just because you own a website doesn't mean you're a real reporter."

That's a big blanket White is throwing over the entire MMA blogosphere:

"We credential all the real media. Guys that are real media, they're credentialed. (There are) guys that rip us but at least they're professional and they do it the right way."

Click on picture to watch White's TSN interview (4:45 mark):

White also discusses the issue of managers not being allowed freely in the locker rooms. Landsberg brings up the concern that deals could be closed in the dressing room without managers being present to represent their fighters. White said fights are offered but no deal is ever closed nor are any contracts signed without fighters being able to consult their manager.

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