Dana White interview: He isn’t going to chase Fedor

You'd think knockout victories over two former UFC heavyweight champs would have UFC president Dana White salivating over Fedor Emelianenko. According to White, that's not the case. He didn't even watch the Affliction 2 fight card and still hasn't seen the Fedor-Andrei Arlovski fight. Even though close to 9,000 paid to get into the Honda Center and the card did a gate of over $1.5 million, White doesn't care:

"If Fedor doesn't care than neither do I. If he wants to come over and fight the best in the world then that's cool with me. At the end of the day, if Fedor wants to fight here I'm here, if he doesn't I don't care."

White is sticking to his guns about the longterm future of Affliction fighting:

"Affliction is going away. They did horrible, horrible buys on Saturday night. I'd love to see them do another show because I'd love to see them lose another 5-6 million of their t-shirt money."

Watch the video of Cage Writer with White:

White is part of the growing legion of folks who believe Oscar De La Hoya went to Affliction card to conveniently avoid the booing that he was going to receive at the Antonio Margarito-Shane Mosley fight. White also said that DLH isn't interested in the MMA business only the 20-percent of Affliction's pay-per-views that he's getting. White did dispel the rumor that there was $5 million payoff made to DLH.

Make sure to watch when White is asked about M-1's Jerry Millen, who made White the focal point of several pre-fight videos. Cage Writer also pressed White on what he thought about a recent investigative piece on the UFC and salaries done by the CBC. The word scumbags was used several times.

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