Dana White hints at second chance for Chael Sonnen

Elias Cepeda
Dana White Says UFC Working to Improve Octagon Flooring, Passes Buck on Curbing Eye Pokes
Dana White Says UFC Working to Improve Octagon Flooring, Passes Buck on Curbing Eye Pokes

UFC president Dana White has yet to offer an explicit and detailed explanation as to why Chael Sonnen was fired as a broadcaster for the promotion and for Fox Sports after it was revealed Sonnen had failed a drug test for the third time in his career, but he has said that the decision was not an easy one to make. "It's never easy making a decision like this," White said during a recent Fox Sports 1 interview.

“Chael’s a person that I personally care about. I know a lot of people at FOX care about him, too. The guy had four banned substances in his system leading up to a fight here in Las Vegas. It’s a tough one – it’s one of those hard decisions you’ve got to make. It’s something we had to do.”

In a later interview with MMA Fight Corner, White went on to say that it is possible that Sonnen could one day be hired by the UFC again.  "It all depends on how he handles it," White said.

"America is a very forgiving place for guys who do the right thing. And you see what happens with the guys who dig their heels in and try to battle - it doesn't work out well for them."

So far, Sonnen has been one of the latter, but it would appear that -should he want to one day resume his work for the UFC and Fox Sports - he at least has a road map to follow. If Sonnen were to finally put away his lame excuses and outright lies about his drug use, perhaps he could find himself back in the UFC fold.

Do you want to hear Sonnen put his schtick aside, come clean and take responsibility for his actions and words? If he does, would you welcome him back as a television broadcaster and analyst?

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