Dana White: ESPN's E:60 piece will be a hatchet job

ESPN's investigative show, E60, has a huge story in place for May 12. The investigation done by staffer Tom Farrey was filmed live at UFC 94. That was until Dana White's infamous vlog where he slurred gays and a female blogger. ESPN had to turn to Plan B and send the crew back on the road for UFC 97.

Apparently, there's a new angle to the ESPN investigation of the UFC, and White thinks he knows what's coming after sitting down for a second interview with Farrey at UFC 97 Saturday night in Montreal:

"You think that's going to be a big positive story on Dana White? But I don't care. It is what it is," White told Cage Writer.

White thinks he knows exactly what the angle will be:

"'Dana White is this foul-mouthed, lunatic who got the company to this point (but) is he the guy who can take it to the next level? Will he be around?' That's going to be the tone of this thing?"

Watch Cage Writer with White as he comments on the ESPN interview (2:20 mark):

It sounds like White was anything but apologetic during his ESPN sitdown. He mentions during his UFC 97 fight night vlog (5:39 mark of vlog) that UFC PR was uncomfortable with what he was saying and how it was coming off. White says that the PR people tried to shutdown the interview (6:18 mark of vlog) and got caught on ESPN cameras trying to do so, saying it led to a huge brou-ha-ha between ESPN and UFC PR.

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