Will Dana White drop F-bombs on the Oxford Union Society?

When Dana White travels to England for UFC 120, he will stop in at Oxford University. He will speak to the members of the world-renowned Oxford Union debating society.

"Anyone who knows anything about me knows I always speak my mind and am very passionate about what I do, and the Oxford Union was founded on exactly those principles," White said in a statement released by UFC. "I'm looking forward to meeting the students, and I know they have a reputation for asking tough questions and expecting straight answers from their guests. That's exactly what they'll get from me."

Yes, the same place that hosted Mother Teresa, Winston Churchill and Robert Kennedy will now host the foul-mouthed chief of the UFC.

White isn't afraid to speak up, a trait that has gotten him in trouble from time to time. But how will the Union members respond to White's tactics?

Though they have been around since 1823, the members of the Oxford Union aren't all fuddy-duddies. A bar is part of their facilities. MMA has exploded in popularity in England, and the Oxford members likely have plenty of questions for White about the sport.

Not only that, Churchill was known to drop a dirty word or two in his day.

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