Dana White: Chuck Liddell broken up over the death of 'Mask'

He was one of the good guys in a business that possesses more than a few lousy characters. Tapout's Charles "Mask" Lewis passed away in a car accident last week at the age of 45. He touched people at all levels in the mixed martial arts world from the beginner fighters to Chuck Liddell to the head honchos like UFC president Dana White. The Fukerton.com caught up with White recently where he said Liddell, a good friend of Mask's is having a roughing time (:45 mark):

"When I heard that Mask died, I called Chuck to see if he was okay. Chuck didn't even want to talk to me on the phone. When he first found out he was a mess. When Chuck used to fight in the smaller shows, he would sleep on Mask's couch. That's the kind of guy he was."

White said Lewis' death was especially tragic since he was just starting to make a healthy living and was attaining his dreams. He pointed out that the UFC will be doing some tributes to Mask in the near future.

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