Daley using homophobic slurs to get in Koscheck's head

When you throw two great trash talkers into a fight against one another you know "the line" is going to be crossed at some point. Paul Daley, who has taken the UFC by storm at welterweight, takes on top five 170-pounder Josh Koscheck this weekend at UFC 113. A Koscheck win and he's slated for a rematch with the Georges St. Pierre. Daley will get the same opportunity if he wins. It'll be an amazing climb up the welterweight ladder that the Brit will have accomplished with his fists and a big mouth.

Koscheck, is the more experience, more well-rounded fighter with an NCAA Div. 1 wrestling career to fall back on. Daley wants the fight to be waged where he's comfortable, on the feet.

Daley has done all he can to sucker Koscheck into a standup fight in Montreal. Is it working? Is he getting into Koscheck's head? It was interesting to hear Daley shred on Koscheck on last week's UFC 113 conference call and the American fire back with little especially when the Brit alleged that the American engaged in homosexual acts during college.

"No particularly. And I don't think my comments are saying that Josh Koscheck is overrated are incorrect," said Daley when asked (do) you feel like he may have a few more ways to finish the fight than you as opposed to just one way to knock him out?

"Josh is always saying who have I fought. But Josh has to remember that while Josh was still on a campus somewhere in some corner sucking [expletive], I was actually fighting Nate Dave Strasser at Cage Rage, the UFC veteran who at the times had over 38 fights. So who's a newbie here? Who's a UFC fighter this generation? That's it."

The audio was a little difficult to understand but it was clear what Daley said about the homosexual act. Koscheck's response? Nothing. Maybe he wasn't paying attention when it was said or couldn't understand it. It'll be interesting to see if Daley will say the same thing tomorrow when the fighters are face-to-face at the UFC 113 press conference. Koscheck didn't crumble to Anthony Johnson's demands that he stand instead of wrestle, has Daley done enough to take the UFC veteran out of his game?

Update: Daley said the same thing a few days before on UFC.com but the tone wasn't quite as inflammatory.

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