Daley loses to Koscheck, throws cheap shot after the bell

Josh Koscheck won in a unanimous decision -- 30-27 on all cards -- over Paul Daley, earning Koscheck a chance to challenge welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre for the title. But this bout will be remembered more for the controversy than the fighting.

Koscheck, a four-time Division I All-American wrestler, showed off his strong grappling base by starting the bout with a driving takedown and immediate control. Daley slipped his way out of from under Koscheck to bring the fight back to their feet.

As Daley stood up, he threw a knee when Koscheck was still on the ground. The replay showed that Koscheck was not hit. The crowd in Montreal was not pleased with the quick stoppage in action from the phantom eye poke, as they immediately chanted "[Expletive] you, Koscheck!"

Koscheck started the second round as he did the first, with a driving takedown and quick hop over to side control. Koscheck continued to control Daley, but didn't cause much damage. Koscheck took Daley's back and landed some body strikes to finish the round.

In the final round, the two stood for the first minute until Koscheck shot in for another takedown, and continued to control the fight on the ground. The fight continuyed like that until the round ended, and then things got interesting.

After the bell rang and Koscheck walked away with his arms raised, Daley came up behind Koscheck and threw a cheap shot. Referee Dan Miragliotta, a man much larger than Daley, grabbed a hold of Daley and said, "What are you doing, man?"

Koscheck then showed that he didn't mind being hated by Canadians, as he, a native of Pennsylvania, said to the crowd in Montreal, "The Pittsburgh Penguins are gonna kick your [expletive]!" referring to the ongoing Stanley Cup playoff series between the Montreal Canadiens and the Penguins. He relished the boos as he headed out of the cage, blowing kisses to the crowd.

Daley's cheap shot is not the norm in MMA, as fighters normally end fights when the final bell rings. UFC president Dana White was clearly upset with Daley for the punch that came several seconds after the fight ended, as he berated Daley in the corner of the cage. You can bet that Daley will face disciplinary action for the punch.

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