'Cyborg' TKOs in the second round at Strikeforce

Cristiane 'Cyborg' Santos, the Strikeforce women's champ, defended her belt with a TKO of lightly regarded Jan Finney at 2:56 in the second round at Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Werdum in San Jose.

Finney started with an early hook that landed flush to Cyborg's cheek, which Cyborg answered with a flurry of blows. A knee and several punches later, Finney was down on the ground, holding onto Cyborg's leg. With Finney turtled up, Cyborg had few places to punch, so she threw hammer fists onto Finney's head. Referee Kim Winslow first warned Cyborg, then took a point away from the champ for the head strikes.

Once the fight was restarted, they continued on the same pattern. Cyborg pummeled Finney while Finney hung on for dear life. Every time it looked like the fight was going to end, Finney would miraculously throw a punch or show some sign of life. Finney, one of the biggest underdogs ever in MMA, lasted an entire round.

That wouldn't last long. Cyborg continued to wallop Finney, landing punches, knees and kicks. Finally, Cyborg threw a knee to Finney's abdomen, sending Finney to the ground, and the fight was stopped.

The bout was the one-side affair that the MMA world expected. Cyborg knocked Finney down six times, and landed 141 strikes to Finney's 23. By the end of the bout, Finney had a mouse under each eye, and her forehead bled. She grabbed her abdomen in pain from the bout-ending knee.

Thee surprising part of the fight is how long Finney lasted under the onslaught. She lasted longer than Gina Carano, and a bit longer than Shayna Baszler. Coming into the bout, Finney was 8-7, and had not yet fought a bout in Strikeforce. Though Finney lost spectacularly, her toughness against MMA's best female fighter certainly turned heads.

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