CW exclusive: Logan Stanton proves all men are not breast men

She's not a candidate for the Sports by Brooks roster, where the modern-day Russ Meyer has collected an impressive group of top heavy women, but there is a place on the UFC roster for the very attractive, yet slim Logan Stanton. She was added to the Octagon Girl ranks at UFC 92 in December and the choice was curious considering the UFC seemed to share SBB's breast fetish with women like Edith LaRente and Arianny Celeste on board. Stanton, 20, thought so too when she was approached by the UFC:

"That why I wanted to know why they wanted to meet with me? I told Dana (White) I don't have the boobs," Stanton told Cage Writer. "Like what do you want?"

Cage Writer cut right to the chase with Stanton: Are you going to get a breast job or not? (6:55 mark):

The best line during the interview was Stanton calling the Octagon Girl coach/manager/make-up henchman Leslie "a beast". She didn't mean it that way. If you've been to an event, Leslie puts Matt Hughes, Mike Ditka and Bobby Knight to shame as coaches. Her job is to manage the area around the Octagon so Arianny, Edith and Logan have a clear path. Beware photographers, if you cross Leslie she will put a boot in your keester!

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