Should we cut Hamill slack for his UFC 96 celebration?

Do you feel completely comfortable criticizing Matt Hamill, who is deaf, for losing his mind in the cage on Saturday after he knocked out Mark Munoz?

Munoz looked to be in real trouble after taking a kick to the head, meanwhile Hamill danced around the cage and really whupped it up. My Yahoo! Sports' compadre Kevin Iole first brought the issue to light during the UFC 96 postfight conference (6:08 mark) and our postfight show co-host Ariel Helwani wasn't happy with Hamill either:

"It bothered me, way too excessive," said Helwani, who recounted what he witnessed on the UFC 96 pay-per-view broadcast. "All we saw was him jumping around and making these gestures. When a guy is on the ground and unconscious, you keep it a little together."

Listen below to Helwani's comments on both the Hamill and Kendall Grove celebrations (ESPNRadio1100):

Helwani also said it reminded him of the criticism Hamill received on The Ultimate Fighter 3 where teammates said he went way too hard during practice and celebrated too often. Is this a pattern of behavior from Hamill? Hamill, 32, said he just got caught up in the moment at UFC 96:

"I just got a little excited and emotional," said Hamill. "You have to understand, it's like when you go under the water, you feel like a bubble. Can you imagine over 10,000 people making all the bubbles and they just got into my body. It just got me really electrified and excited."

Hamill said he didn't know how bad it was for Munoz. Although if you look at the photo above it's obvious that something is wrong with at least six people tending to Munoz. Should he know better as a guy who's been competing for a long time or does he deserve a break because of his disability?

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