Curran wins Bellator lightweight tourney, Fujii rolls to 20-0

Heading into tonight's season two tournament final for Bellator, Toby Imada hoped for another chance at Eddie Alvarez. However, a rematch will not take place, as Bellator's Cinderella story, Pat Curran, won the tournament in a split decision over Imada in Hollywood, Fla. on Thursday night..

Imada controlled the first round with a takedown and a clinch that delivered punishing knees to Curran's torso. The second round was close, with Imada continuing to own the clinch, but Curran landing some big strikes. Imada stayed aggressive in the third round, but Curran landed enough blows to open a cut on Imada's face, pull ahead and win the bout.

The judges called the fight 29-28, 28-29, 29-28 for Curran. Though Cagewriter had the bout scored for Imada, it was a close enough bout that it could have gone either way.

Now Curran, who upset UFC veteran Roger Huerta on the way to the tournament finals, will face Alvarez for the Bellator belt. Curran also will take home $100,000 for winning the tourney.

Imada made headlines last season with his inventive submissions, especially the inverted triangle choke over Jorge Masvidal. He battled Alvarez for the Bellator lightweight title, losing by submission.

Fujii gets first career TKO over Schneider

Megumi Fujii put on a clinic of technical abilities. She kept Schneider on the ground for much of the bout, controlling the match with takedowns and ground and pound. Schneider tried to fight back with flashy strikes, but she was quite simply outclassed. In the final round, Fujii managed a full mount and rained down punches on Schneider at 1:58.

This was Fujii's first-ever win by TKO, and it moved her record to 20-0. Fujii will be a part of Bellator's season three women's tournament, that will showcase female 115-lb. fighters. Many of the better known female fighters in the U.S. are bigger fighters like Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos and Gina Carano, who fought at 145 lbs.

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