Cris Cyborg will choke a blogger

Most of the below video is Aaron Tru from MMA Worldwide priding himself in actually liking women's MMA -- how enlightened! -- so you won't miss much if you skip ahead to the 4:25 mark. When you do, you'll see Aaron Tru get choked out by Cristiane Cyborg.

I'm not talking about the kind, knowing choking of a blogger that Frank Shamrock did to Dewey Hammond. I'm talking the holy-crap-there-was-no-warning-what-the-hell-happened kind of choke. After Tru awakens from the choke, Cyborg asks him who he will pick for her August 15 fight with Gina Carano. He wisely picks Cyborg, as he probably doesn't want to be choked out again.

Thanks to The Garv

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