Create-a-Caption: 'Shhh, just close your eyes and go to sleep'

For this week's Create-a-Caption, we look back at one of Cain Velasquez's wins that brought him to this week's title bout. He was so kind to lullaby Ben Rothwell to sleep. We'll see on Saturday if he can do the same to heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar. Read on for the winners and whiners from last week's Create-a-Caption.

First place: The photo for the new "Making Menudo" TV show produced by Ricky Martin -- George

Second place: Hangin Tough!!!!! tough enough -- Brandon brinson

Last place: I'm guessing Maggie doesn't try to pick the funniest captions anymore. -- Instant Money (Ed. note: Or Maggie is not impressed with whiny, sophomoric, sexist, racist or homophobic "jokes.")

As always, if you think you can find a better picture that is legal for us to use, then send it to us. To the majority of you who make C-a-C a joy for me to do every week, thank you.

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