Create-a-Caption: How many fighters can you fit on a boat?

Before UFC 110 in Australia, the fighters took a spin around the Sydney Harbor in what had to have been one of the most awkward boat rides of all time. "Hey, I know we're going to punch each other in the face tomorrow, but that powerboating was AWESOME!" Take a shot at a caption in the comments and read on for winners of our previous create-a-caption.

First place: Don and Shonie contemplate Dana's offer to remake Blazing Saddles. -- Allen

Second place: Shonie Carter and the mustache have words. Don Frye just tries to stay out of it. -- AdamG

Third place: UFC decides to change fighter match-ups from weight classes to age classes. Shonie Carter and Don Frye square off to meet in a battle of the 37 year olds. Frye had to work hard in order to make the cut to 37. -- Clint

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