Create-a-Caption: Krazy Horse here, just chillin' with fake bison

Why wouldn't Charles "Krazy Horse" Bennett hang out in a field in Oklahoma, mere minutes before his weigh-ins at Shine Fights? It's just him, cutouts of Indians and bison, and his big, gold watch. Cool. Tell us what Krazy Horse is pondering in the comments, and read on for winners of our last Create-a-Caption.

First place: Someone threw a dollar in his tip glass and his instant reaction was to fall down. -- ntorpr

Second place: Georges..... oh Georges..... No peace, no peace I find... Just this old, sweet song... Keeps Georges on my mind.-- Jason P

Third place: It took some work but somehow they convinced Stevie Wonder it was time to switch from his trademark dreads to the more stylish frosted tips. -- dan b

As a reminder, captions need to be PG to win. Also, homophobic and racist jokes won't ever win.

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