Create-a-Caption: Jose Aldo only reads it for the articles

Urijah Faber was everywhere in Sacramento on Thursday. In fact, it was officially "Urijah Faber Day," proclaimed by Mayor Kevin Johnson.

(Hey, remember when the Bulls smoked the Suns in the finals to win their third straight championship? The good old days. Of course, Johnson is now spending his time as the mayor of Sacramento and John Paxson is practicing chokeholds on his employees, so who is the winner in the long run?)

Even Faber's opponent this weekend, WEC featherweight champ Jose Aldo, got caught up in the hype, taking a second from photo shoots and press conferences to read up on the "California Kid."

(Paxson has the rings. Johnson has to deal with budget meetings. Paxson is the winner.)

So, what is Aldo thinking? Share your caption in the comments, and read on for winners of our last create-a-caption.

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First place: Sadly this isn't a picture at all - it's a gif that show 3:49-3:40 of round 4. -- Adam G

Second place: Hey Demian, see if you can find my will to finish a fight down there. Nope? OK. -- Robert C

Third place: "The head is starting to crown, keep pushing!" -- Roger A

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