Create-a-Caption: I'm the Mad Hatter! No, I'm the Mad Hatter

In Columbus this past weekend, MMA legend Don Frye met up with MMA everywhereman Shonie Carter. They both were wearing awesome hats, so who would win the hat off? Take a shot at a caption in the comment sections, and read on for winners of our last Create-a-Caption that was so long ago.

First place: No, Gator...Your chin is way too low. Keep it up in the air and out in front like this. -- Rob R

Second place: Chuck Liddell tries to teach a new dog his old tricks. -- Cubs Win! Cubs Win!

Third place: In this episode of Bully Beatdown, Mayhem enlists the help of the 'Iceman' to teach the bully that simply known as Gator a lesson. -- EtherBunny

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