Couture's future still unclear, is it Big Nog, Cro Cop or Fedor?

Randy Couture was back in the gym this week as he attempts to comeback from elbow surgery and prep for what looks like a fight sometime during the summer. Couture was offered a match against Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira sometime in the spring but "The Natural" elected to have bone spurs cleaned out of his elbow.

The logical spot is UFC 99 in Germany. Couture spent time in Germany and minored in German in college. To have a German speaking superstar fighting on the card would be huge for the promotion but now it's a matter of timing. Couture is set to leave in March for a seven week stint with his role in Sly Stallone's movie "The Expendables". That may take him into the middle of May making a June fight very difficult. A six or eight week training camp is impossible at that point.

UFC 100 seems to make more sense. The biggest names in fighting should be on that card on Jul. 11 in Las Vegas. For Couture, it could be a fight against Big Nog or the UFC may throw everyone for a loop with a high profile matchup against someone like Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic.

Couture is looking only to face the biggest names in the sport. Fedor Emelianenko is still in the back of his mind especially after what Couture saw first hand at Affliction 2 in Anaheim. Couture sounded like a true fight fan describing what he witnessed as Fedor took out Andrei Arlovski:

"I think Fedor was definitely being hurt. I was amazed. I had an inkling that maybe there was a potential upset brewing. The way the fight started, I was like oh my god he's going to do this."

Couture was shocked by the finish:

"The guy is amazing you can't take that from him. I've not seen a guy get stopped in mid-air, spun around and land on their face."

Watch below as Cage Writer speaks with Couture:

We also touched on Couture's comments that were used during a recent CBC news piece on the UFC. The investigation was very critical of how the UFC treats and pays its fighters. Both Dana White (video) and Couture claim that their words were twisted. Couture said he's more careful than ever in protecting the way his likeness is used and how his words are delivered by the media. He said he's gained an understanding of why the UFC tries to control its content so carefully.

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