Couture says possible Liddell fight is nonsense

He's got a new movie deal done but no fight set in the near future. The announcement of Randy Couture's role in a flick by Sly Stallone sent mixed martial arts fans into a panic. Does this mean Couture is retiring? How can he possibly fight anytime the first half of 2009 if he's making a movie? Yahoo! Sports caught up with Couture at his Las Vegas gym to talk about the new film project and who may be across the cage from him next year.

I also set an annoyance record with 41 yeahs, rights, goods and uh huhs as Couture was speaking. Sorry, sometimes the conversations get a little too casual. I need an Ed Werder-like heckler to shut me up. Good thing my cameraman only had me in half the shot for a good part of the interview. Lisa Guerrero, I'm not.

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