Couture says now Kimbo can 'prove he's a real fighter'

The crew at Xtreme Couture likes to watch the fists fly. RawVegas was on the scene on Saturday in Las Vegas as UFC heavyweight champ Randy Couture and several elite fighters viewed Seth Petruzelli's mild upset of Kimbo Slice. They went nuts when the fight was stopped after 14 seconds.

Couture knows better than anyone, a real fighter comes back stronger from his setbacks:

"Now you see what Kimbo is really made of. You don't measure a man by winning all the time. You measure how he deals with a loss. Does he pick himself up and get back on the horse? And comeback and show that he has a true champion spirit. I expect that he does."

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You also see trainer Shawn Tompkins comment on the fight along with radio host turned fight trainer Ron Frazier. Fighters Jay Hieron and Sam Stout react to Kimbo's loss as well. Check out the crew watching Gina Carano's fight here.

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