Couture says Lesnar's bravado is phony

Brock Lesnar came off as cocky when he laughed about how Randy Couture looked physically after more than a year off. It's hard to rattle the veteran Couture but he snapped when that topic was addressed according to Neil Davidson from the Canadian Press:

"How would he know?" said Couture. "Where's he seen me? But that's a typical statement. That's fine. We'll find out Saturday night."

Couture said Lesnar is talking tough because he knows may be in deep waters:

"I think in a lot of ways that brash kind of bravado is covering up a little of the insecurities that he's carrying into this fight because he knows he doesn't have all the skills that he needs."

Click below to listen to Couture on UFC 91 workout day:

"The Natural" has an unspoken confidence. The same can't be said for his coach Shawn Tompkins. The head trainer at the Xtreme Couture gym in Las Vegas said Lesnar shouldn't even be in the same cage with the UFC heavyweight champ this Saturday night.

"We respect him, we respect that he's big, we respect that he's athletic. But we don't respect the fact that he's getting a (title) shot," said Tompkins. "He's not at this level yet. He doesn't deserve to be here. Maybe one day he will, but not today."

Tompkins points out that Lesnar is making a mistake judging the book by its cover. Couture is not your normal 45-year old:

"We've got 28 professional fighters, the highest level of the sport here in Las Vegas at Xtreme Couture and he'll whip all of their asses," Tompkins said. "The average age in that gym is 23 to 28 and that's a long ways from his 45. That's where I put him. He's at the top of the heap in that gym and those guys are no joke."

Couture said the strategy is to put Lesnar in unfamiliar spots. He said the goal isn't to try and test Lesnar's power. He also said if Lesnar tries to bullrush him to start the fight, he'll take down the big guy easily. Couture will fight somewhere between 220-225 lbs. while Lesnar will walk into the ring around 277.

Thanks to Canadian Press for audio

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