Couture is ready to poke the bear with a stick

Randy Couture has a good sense of humor when it comes to his UFC 91 opponent Brock Lesnar. Couture has seen Lesnar lose his cool on several occasions both in person during a conference call and on ESPN's E60 piece.

On the conference call, Lesnar told the media to asking about (expletive) Fedor. Lesnar, who is built like an NFL offensive lineman at 6-3, 290 pounds, stormed off the set during the ESPN's piece when Tom Farrey began to ask a steroid question. There's no doubt that the guy UFC president Dana White once called a bear has a short fuse.

'The Natural' told Yahoo! Sports in a video interview that part of his plan is to see if he can tap into that Lesnar temper. Couture's camp gave a suggestion to get Lesnar to lose his head even before the fight starts:

"Some of the guys were saying when you guys face off and touch gloves you should whisper 'steroids' and watch his blood pressure go up."

Couture did say that he thinks that UFC and MMA does a great job policing steroid use.

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