Couture doesn't know if Penn's conditioning is up to snuff

Randy Couture doesn't pull any punches and his allegiances don't get in the way when he breaks down a fight. We're finding more and more fighters who are making a case for B.J. Penn in the Penn-Georges St. Pierre mega-fight. Couture isn't one of them. The 45-year old is in the gym year-round and he doesn't know if Penn has that dedication:

"He still has the same achilles heel, that he's had for a longtime," Couture told Cage Writer. Is he going to be able to keep the pace that Georges is going to set for five rounds? Ultimately that will be his undoing."

Watch Cage Writer with Couture:

Couture is confident that GSP is rock solid with his mental game. He doesn't think Penn can break him in the cage:

"Since the letdown in the Matt Serra fight, we haven't seen any chinks in that armor at all. Not only at the level we saw him but he's taken it another level up from there. Everybody has a breaking point, is B.J. Penn able to get in there early enough and sustain the gas to keep that pressure on him and get him to that breaking point?"

Couture spoke very highly of Lyoto Machida. He is very intrigued by Machida's style.

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