What could the UFC be announcing on Friday?

The UFC has a press conference scheduled for Friday that is supposed to announce "a laundry list of news." What could the UFC possibly be announcing?

1. Dana White is leaving the company to pursue his dreams to dance on Broadway.

2. The UFC is no longer satisfied with worldwide domination. They are going to the moon. UFC 110 will take place in a lunar module.

3. After flourishing on Spike, the television station for men, the UFC is going after the ladies. They've signed a deal with Lifetime Television for women, and will soon be producing the movie, "Not Without My Coors: The Brock Lesnar Story."

4. The UFC will revolutionize gaming with a new console for Wii. In the new Wii UFC game, you will actually be punched in the face by an actual UFC fighter.

5. After years of speculation, contract discussions and rumors, the UFC has signed Fedor Emelianenko to a five-fight contract. He will fight Brock Lesnar for the UFC heavyweight championship at UFC 106.

Nah, that last one is too crazy to believe.

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