It could be a big 2009 for female fighting

This is crucial time period for women's fighting. When Elite XC crumbled it severely halted much of the momentum fighters like Gina Carano and Cyborg Santos had developed in front of the big CBS television audience. Carano is now in limbo awaiting a decision on her contract status. Strikeforce and possibly World Extreme Cagefighting appear to have interest in getting into the Carano-business. Kim Couture is only 1-1 in her pro fighting career but she's also serving as a bit of a spokesperson for the female side of things. Cage Writer caught up with Couture for a discussion about on women's fighting.

She says that the WEC and Dana White's backing is much needed in women's fighting:

"It would be huge. If there's anything I can do to help or Gina can do to showcase the other girls who are out there and help him learn who those girls are, who is technical, who has 20 something fights, we want to do it."

Couture said that the exposure on Versus would be a huge get for women's fighting:

"That's a good start. We're still trying to get people excited about it. A lot of other women have to be established besides just Gina before it makes that step. I think WEC is a great platform."

Jamie Varner recently told us one of the great things with Versus and WEC was the amount of times fights are replayed. It's something of big importance when trying to land sponsorship.

Couture also said that Strikeforce has been great for women's fighting. At the end of the interview, she discusses what the mister got her for her birthday. The gift was on a grand scale but she was so sick when she received it the other day, she walked right by it without noticing. In a quick convo with Randy, he mentioned what a coup it was to have a wife with a December birthday.

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