Conor McGregor surprises superfan by crashing his apartment (Video)

Conor McGregor surprised one of his fans at his apartment in Southern California.
Conor McGregor surprised one of his fans at his apartment in Southern California.

Love or hate him, regardless of how big of a superstar Conor McGregor becomes, he still has a special place in his heart for the fans. And that means that he might pop up at your apartment a week before a fight.

The brash Irishman may have his hands full gearing up for his debut as a 170-pounder against Nate Diaz at UFC 196, but that doesn't mean that McGregor will shed the persona that has made him a fan favorite.

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In a video posted by TMZ, McGregor is seen driving around Southern California in a Rolls Royce with his crew when he spots a cardboard cutout of himself with the Irish flag on an apartment balcony. The resident of the apartment caught McGregor's attention and can be heard screaming, "Conor, you're the man!" to the UFC featherweight champion. In response, McGregor points to the fan and shouted back "I'm going to come up to you tomorrow."

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In most cases, athletes the stature of Conor McGregor may forget what he said or simply be too busy preparing for his fight to carve time out of his schedule. But this is Conor McGregor and he does what he wants, when he wants.

"I drive to the gym everyday and I drive past this apartment," McGregor said. "And on the balcony he has Irish flags and a cardboard cutout of me sitting on his balcony. So, now we're going to drop in, see what he's about and meet one of the fans."

The following day, McGregor surprised the resident by showing up to his apartment. As you can imagine, the fan was in utter shock when McGregor strolled through the front door. The two shared a laugh and the fan explained that the cardboard cutout had been sitting outside on the balcony for every fight McGregor had since his 2013 bout with Max Holloway.

McGregor hung out and signed autographs for the elated fan before finally departing. There is a reason why Conor McGregor has become such a phenomenon and it has to do with his demeanor outside of the cage just as much as his physical prowess inside of it.

It's one of those moments that make you realize that behind all of the arrogance lies a man who is truly appreciative of his success and offers his gratitude to all of the fans that helped motivate him to get there.

"I appreciate the support of all the fans here and all over the world," McGregor said. "I never take it for granted and use it as motivation so I am extremely grateful to the fans."

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