Confidence is brimming for some in fight against Silva

We keep hearing over and over again that the No. 2 pound-for-pound fighter in the world Anderson Silva is easy to beat. Wrestlers to a man say take the vicious striker to the ground and pound him out. Dan Henderson had success for a round before making a mistake in the second round against "The Spider". Chael Sonnen may be the next wrestler to show how "easy" it is to beat Silva or at least he wants to be.

Sonnen is moving over from World Extreme Cagefighting where he was technically the 185-pound champ after a win over Paulo Filho. He had a rough go of it his last time in the UFC going 1-2 but that was fighting at 205 lbs. against Babalu and Trevor Prangley and on short notice at 185 against Jeremy Horn. He's regained his confidence outside the organization fighting at middleweight and was talking a big game recently with ProMMA's Larry Pepe:

"The second Anderson Silva moves a fist in my direction, lifts of foot, moves a knee, flinches an elbow I will change elevation and blast a double so hard I'll put him straight through the fence if it's not reinforced."

Click below to listen to Sonnen talk Silva (ProMMA Radio w/Larry Pepe):

Sonnen goes on to explain that he'll pound Silva on the ground for 25 minutes or until he wants to bail from the fight. Where does this confidence from? Sonnen said he's seen his mentor Randy Couture do it so many times against some of the world's best strikers. Click here to hear the longest interview in the history of MMA but it's all worth a listen. It's proof that even if Sonnen is destroyed by Silva on fight night, he'll do a helluva selling the promotion. He also spends a lot of time during the interview talking about overcoming his mental blocks. He also says 90% of fighters have no intent of being a champion.

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