Condit escapes for a comeback win with just seven seconds left

The crowd didn't like the stoppage but when you saw Rory MacDonald's face (pictured) just moments after the fight, the referee made the right decision. It was a difficult call to give Carlos Condit the win at the 4:53 mark but even MacDonald admitted he was getting destroyed. The unfortunate part was that MacDonald was probably seven seconds away from taking a decision. Instead, he loses via TKO in the first fight on the pay-per-view portion of UFC 115 at GM Place in Vancouver.

"I didn’t know what was going on," said MacDonald. "I thought it might be the end of the round. It was a just stoppage he was kicking my ass."

This has to be the Fight of the Night unless something spectacular happens in the next few bouts. MacDonald, 20, was dominant at times against the veteran Condit (25-5, 2-1 UFC). He scored multiple takedowns throughout the first two rounds and got the better of the standup. He was going for broke in the opening 30 seconds of the final round when Condit completely changed the momentum by landing an overhand right with 4:25 left. MacDonald immediately stopped, briefly reached up to his face and dropped for a takedown. Condit scrambled and fell into top control.

That's where he landed the next fight changing shot. Condit landed a left elbow just outside MacDonald's right eye. The swelling was instant. UFC analyst Joe Rogan suggested that it was typical of an orbital bone break. Condit was relentless on the ground.

MacDonald (10-1, 1-1 UFC) got to his feet for a few seconds but it went right back down to the mat where Condit forced the Canadian to drop his head on the ground in the final 10 seconds. That's when Kevin Dornan stepped in to stop it.