Company man Franklin will do TUF9 but doesn't want to

We can't confirm it 100-percent but it does sound more and more like Rich Franklin and Dan Henderson are battling next weekend at UFC 93 for the The Ultimate Fighter 9 coaching spot. Franklin said he hasn't spoken directly with UFC president Dana White about the topic but it appears that's the plan. He still sounded less than thrilled during today's UFC 93 teleconference to be in the mix for another coaching gig on the reality show:

"Going back and doing it again, I'm not as excited about it. I've gotten to the point where I could care less about staying in Vegas for that extended period of time. It's time away from my family and time away from the things I like doing and can do to make money. And the show doesn't pay real well"

Click below to listen to Franklin's comments on TUF9:

That said, Franklin stated he'll do whatever the UFC tells him to do because they've been good to him. With the all the revenue that fighters can make away the cage now, should they be forced to go on the reality show in sort of a jury duty role? Or does this sound like sour grapes from Franklin, who will probably benefit monetarily on the backend of another season on the show?

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