Comcast and Fox strike a deal, so Fuel is coming to a TV near you

Maggie Hendricks

If like me, you get your cable via Comcast, the UFC's deal with Fox has been a big bag of frustration. Fuel, the channel that carries UFC fights events, preliminary bouts, isn't carried by Comcast. I live in a high rise apartment building with no choice of cable providers, so I was stuck. I heard from many Cagereaders that I wasn't alone in this predicament.

Good news -- Comcast and Fox have finally reached a deal. Comcast's Xfinity subscribers will have access to Fuel and all of its UFC-centric programming.

Now, we don't yet have the details on when Fuel will be available. It is not expected to be in place in time for this weekend's fights on Fuel. But a quick check of On Demand showed that it's already chock full of free Fuel content so Comcasters can watch some Fuel programming now.

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