Coleman says Liddell has more mileage on the odometer

Mark Coleman knows what Chuck Liddell is feeling right now. Liddell, 40, suffered his third loss in four fights. His boss retired him minutes after the loss to Shogun Rua at UFC 97 and most of the media and fans have done the same. Just three months earlier, Coleman, 45, looked tired and past his prime in his loss to Rua. In his case, he actually had to appear before the Nevada State Athletic Commission to state his case for a license and convince the Keith Kizer and Co. that he deserved another shot. The NSAC agreed and he's fighting in seven weeks at UFC 100 against Stephan Bonnar.

Coleman says Liddell is a different story because of his fighting style:

"I may be older but I'm very healthy. I haven't taken very many shots to the head at all. I think it's a different situation, Chuck, he's been brawling for a long time. I would never say quit to him but at least he's in a financial position to make that choice."

Watch Coleman talk about his re-dedication to training for what he says could be his last chance:

Coleman worries that if Liddell fights on and views it as a one-time deal he's putting himself in a dangerous position:

"If he's not going to commit himself to fighting for an extended period, that's one thing that's hard to do. Once you become the become the champion and he's a celebrity and a star, it's hard to get re-focused."

As far as Coleman's gas tank appearing to be on empty against Rua, the former Ohio State wrestler says he implemented the wrong gameplan:

"I told people I was going to stand up with this guy and everybody said I was full of shit. Unfortunately my instincts took over, I took him down early and I hadn't done enough wrestling myself. I feel like I wore him out wrestling but at the same time I wore myself out early."

Cagewriter has talked to several wrestlers in MMA who all said Coleman did deserve from credit for tiring Rua. Coleman said the weight cut was difficult before UFC 93 and this time will be different. It should be easier. He's training at Xtreme Couture with Shawn Tompkins and the new Tapout Training Center in Las Vegas.

Coleman was a little miffed at one critic back around UFC 93. After Coleman had complained about his finances and funding a training camp before the Rua fight, Kim Couture thought that was odd excuse. Coleman said she should mind her own business (4:58 mark). Those comments should make for interesting times with Coleman training at Xtreme Couture and Kim still working at the gym as well.