CNN uses a cheap tactic to scare people about MMA

It's a long journey that's far from complete. Mixed martial arts may have caught boxing in terms of pay-per-view buys and its a got a growing fanbase that can rival anything short of MLB, NBA, NASCAR and the NFL but it still has to fight fear mongerers everyday.

CNN's financial channel did this piece, "The Brutal Biz of MMA" featuring a New York amateur fighter but felt it was necessary to put up this ridiculous disclaimer. Even the most casual or non-MMA fan can see there's nothing vicious in this video. If anything, the fight stoppage shown almost appears to be on the conservative side (1:45 mark).

Fact is to those who don't watch MMA at all, they can be scared or swayed by silliness like this. Will CNNMoney use the same warning on its next NFL feature where it shows a nasty tackle? Probably not.

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