With CM Punk walking out Chael Sonnen, who should walk with Mark Munoz?

Maggie Hendricks

Pro wrestling champion C.M. Punk is getting involved with MMA ... sort of. He will walk out Chael Sonnen for UFC on Fox 2 at the United Center in Chicago. Punk is from a far southwest suburb of Chicago, and always gets a huge ovation when he performs in the city with the WWE, so Sonnen is playing the right card. With Punk by his side, there's little chance that Sonnen will be booed, as he is so often.

What is Mark Munoz to do? Sonnen's opponent is well-liked and will undoubtedly have Chicago's sizable Filipino community on his side, but it's hard to combat a WWE champion's cheers. Who could walk out with Munoz to give him a louder ovation? As a Chicago native, I have a few suggestions of Chicagoans with enough pop to make the United Center  explode.

-- Derrick Rose: He's the NBA MVP and the man who brought good basketball back to Chicago.

-- Mike Ditka: Da Coach still has plenty of love.

-- Oprah Winfrey: Her studio was just down the street from the United Center.

-- Former Mayor Richard Daley: Da Mayor could have won another 20 elections before deciding to step down last year.

Who are we missing? Tell us in the comments or on Facebook of Chicago's best bets to get Munoz some cheers.

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