Clay saves face for the Guida family

It was the best of times and the worst of times for the Guida family Wednesday night. The evening started well, with Clay Guida (pictured) winning decisively over Ultimate Fighter season six champion Mac Danzig. Clay's win was a battle in conditioning. He wore Danzig out while escaping several submission attempts. After the fight, he was the picture of class, showing respect to his opponent and dedicating his win to those affected by Hurricane Ike, and giving tribute to Chris Powers, a friend of Guida's from his home town in Illinois, who was killed last week.

Clay's brother Jason, on the other hand, showed up the the Ultimate Fighter training center overweight. After spending 24 hours trying to cut weight, the doctor and Keith Kizer, executive director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, barred him from competition because it would be detrimental to his health to try to lose that last pound and a half. Guida begged for the chance to cut the last pound, but finally gave up and headed to the hospital to deal with his dehydration.

Jason Guida's fight career had been limited to regional promotions around the country. The Ultimate Fighter seemed like his chance to step out from his brother's shadow, but he didn't take advantage of the opportunity. Clay, on the other hand, made a definitive statement about his place at 155 lbs. At least one Guida recognized opportunity when it knocked.

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