Clay Guida wins decision over Tatsuya Kawajiri

Clay Guida wins decision over Tatsuya Kawajiri

Clay Guida got back on the winning track with a unanimous decision win over Tatsuya Kawajiri in the co-main of UFC Fight Night: Abu Dhabi Friday. Guida won the bout with scores of 30-27 on all three judges' scorecards.

Of the two scrappy featherweights, Guida struck first, landing a big right hand that floored Kawajiri. The Japanese legend hung tough as Guida then took his back, and avoided giving up a submission. Kawajiri fought back with shoulder lock and arm bar attempts but Guida fended those submissions off before taking the back again.

Kawajiri managed to score a take down before getting caught in a Kimura shoulder lock hold of his own to close the first round. The two engaged in a close grappling war in the second round, which Guida edged out with takedowns and effective scrambling.

In the third, Guida landed more strikes on the feet and scored a big slam. Kawajiri refused to give in and threatened with a guillotine choke and heel hook attempt.

Guida escaped both and walked away with the win.

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