Classic create-a-caption: I'm Cro Cop the sailorman

For this week's C-a-C, we dip into the archives to see an old picture of Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic, who will fight Pat Barry on Saturday in Vancouver at UFC 115. Between the crooked smile, spinach-colored mouthguard and winked eye, Cro Cop reminds me of a certain cartoon character with surprising power. Leave a caption in the comments, and read on for winners of our last C-a-C.

First place: Realizing he couldn't overcome Lindland's grappling, in the second Kevin Casey resorted to dissing him in freestyle raps. -- thekevinmarshall

Second place: Lindland: "Now be honest, which trunks did you like best the Black with Yellow trim or the Black with Green Trim?"
Casey: "Definitely the Black with Green trim, they really bring out your eyes. Anyone ever tell you have have beautiful eyes?" -- Andy

Third place: Gus Johnson: "this is the greatest fight in the history of mixed martial arts!" -- Cubs Win! Cubs Win!

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