Chuck Liddell makes plans to dazzle Dana White

Apparently, I need to "dazzle" Dana White to keep fighting in the UFC. Dana wasn't pleased with the way I've put my head on a platter in a few different fights. It seems that it's not a good thing for a popular fighter like me to be laying on the canvas. So, how can I dazzle Dana?

I'm a pretty snappy dresser. I mean, look at me here. That's what I call dazzling.

I might not be able to beat Rashad in a fight, but clearly, I'm winning this staring contest. RASHAD BLINKED! I win! How's that for dazzling, Dana?

What if I pull this guy's heart directly from his chest? Hmmm. That might not be dazzling but it would look cool.

This is how I dazzle the ladies. Not sure it would work on Dana.

Well, if worse comes to worst, I am multi-talented and can find other work. Anyone need a drink?

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