‘Chuck Liddell’ makes appearance on ‘Parks and Recreation’

Maggie Hendricks

Want proof of the UFC's role in mainstream culture? Guess who Andy Dwyer on NBC's "Parks and Recreation" dressed up as for Halloween on last night's episode.

If you guessed UFC legend Chuck Liddell, you were right! (Or you read the headline. Or you watched the show last night.) Well done, Sherlock Traeger.

What do you think of Dwyer-as-Liddell's form? He does slap on a nice body triangle when attempting the rear naked choke, but is in a bad position. He was not ready for Ben Wyatt's elbow. Since Dwyer-as-Liddell stopped fighting first, does Wyatt get the TKO? Dwyer-as-Liddell does get points for briefly breaking into the Liddell celebration, but loses points for not having painted toenails.

If you're keeping track, this is "Liddell's" second appearance on network television this week. What show do you want to see him on next?

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