Chris Weidman’s bulletin board has a picture of Anderson Silva and a pledge to win at UFC 162

Maggie Hendricks

What do you put up on your bulletin board? A drycleaning receipt? Maybe a few pictures of note? Credentials from events I've covered and a card from my nephew hang on mine. For Chris Weidman, who will challenge the UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva for the belt on Saturday, his bulletin board includes a picture of Silva and a note reminding him of his goal.

In case you can't read Weidman's chicken scratch, the note says:

I, Chris Weidman, will defeat Anderson Silva on July 6th, 2013, and become the UFC MW champion of the world!

* Work hard every day
* Eat healthy
* No excuses
* Refuse to lose
* Physical, mental, spiritual

Using the bulletin board to motivate isn't new, but this sort of single-minded focus on the goal is interesting to see heading into the fight. It's been a year since Weidman won his last fight and had his mind on Silva. Will the focus make a difference? Vote in the poll and say why you think your pick will win.

Thanks to Ariel Helwani and TD for tweeting this pic.

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