Chris Weidman, Brian Stann, and jerkfaces: Where did they fall on Cagewriter’s Hot or Not list?

Maggie Hendricks

This week has been about adjusting to an MMA world where Anderson Silva is not the UFC's middleweight champ. Who had a good week, and who didn't?

Hot -- Chris Weidman: After winning the UFC middleweight belt by knocking out Anderson Silva in a shocking fashion, he celebrated in Las Vegas before heading home to New York. He then went on to a media tour and got to relish his victory.

Not -- The jerkfaces who forced Invicta's Ashley Cummins to close her Twitter and Facebook accounts: In addition to being a fighter, Cummins is a police officer. After she lost in October, she told Bleacher Report she was inundated with anti-law enforcement messages and even death threats on Facebook and Twitter. It takes a special kind of coward to go after someone you don't know who puts her life on the line to keep others safe. She ended up deleting her accounts, which is one of the main ways fighters market themselves and stay in touch with fans.

Hot -- Brian Stann: The UFC middleweight decided to retire to focus on his family and a burgeoning broadcast career. In addition to work for Fox on fight nights, he will also cover college football for the network.

Not -- Tito Ortiz: This week, the UFC Hall of Famer hinted about a comeback. This isn't what put him in the "not hot" category. It's the reaction. Never have Cagereaders on Twitter and Facebook been so united behind an idea. Not one wanted to see him fight again.

Still taking temperature -- Marloes Coenen: The onetime Strikeforce champ is getting another shot at another Strikeforce champ, Cristiane Cyborg. Will Coenen get the win this time? Check it out on Invicta's pay-per-view on Saturday night.

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