Chris Weidman asks Santa for UFC 139 victory

Maggie Hendricks

Fighters get creative in finding ways to win. They do ice baths, insane training, Spartanesque camps, and even drink their own urine. But Chris Weidman tried something new in looking for a win over Tom Lawlor on Saturday at UFC 139. He turned to Santa Claus.

Santa has no idea what the UFC is, but that's OK. He's pretty busy this time of year, so he doesn't know that Weidman is 6-0. The elves didn't tell him that Weidman won his last bout in a first-round guillotine, and that he is bringing excellent wrestling skills into the cage against Lawlor.

Hopefully, Santa and Mrs. Claus will have time to sit and watch UFC 139 on Saturday night before he has to appear in a little parade Thursday morning.

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