Chokehold may have led to brother v. brother death

The choke can be your friend if used in the right situations for self-defense. There was the heart-warming story of 12-year-old Drew Heredia choking a pit bull in California to save a girl. But when siblings brawl at a local watering hole and the choke is employed, the result can be tragic:

Brothers Alfred Fyvie, 26, and Thomas Fyvie, 36, "were involved in a confrontation that turned physical," Police Chief Ronald Boisvert said. "During the struggle, Thomas Fyvie was allegedly subjected to a chokehold."

The fight took place at a dive bar, the Lucky 13 in Watervliet, New York. The older brother Thomas passed away at the emergency room. An autopsy revealed he had a heart condition. These chokeholds aren't something to play with. Phil Baroni nearly offed a radio host when he forced Paul Howard to tap 17 times. Matt Hughes also got into hot water when a fan, Jed Leist sued him for injuries he claimed that he suffered when Hughes slapped on a choke for a photo.

Story via Albany Times-Union

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