Cheeseheads rejoice! MMA is legal in Wisconsin

It's a rare occasion that will make me, a proud Illinoisan, give kudos to the state of Wisconsin, but it's happened. Wisconsin's governor, Jim Doyle, signed legislation making the Dairy State the 43rd state to regulate MMA.

New York, for those wondering, still hasn't legalized our fair sport. New York has been working on legalizing MMA for years, and just now has the governor introduced legislation to legalize and regulate the sport. It took Wisconsin about five months.

My hope is that the regulation of MMA will lead Zuffa to host a Fight Night in Milwaukee. For some reason, Zuffa has given the Midwest the cold shoulder as of late. In 2008, the UFC visited Minneapolis, Minn., Omaha, Neb., Columbus, Ohio and Chicago. They returned to Columbus and the WEC came to Chicago in the spring of 2009. Since then, there has been no love shown to Midwesterners -- home to many UFC and WEC fighters -- save one WEC event coming up in Columbus. There hasn't even been a hint of a Zuffa fight back in a Midwestern state.

What do you say, Dana White? Head to Wisconsin. Have some amazing cheese. Drink some good beer. Dance to the "Beer Barrel Polka." Put the fights near Summerfest, and fighters will even get to see some great concerts while enjoying cheese and beer.

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