Chael Sonnen steps up his efforts to get Wanderlei Silva bout

Maggie Hendricks

Last week, Chael Sonnen called out Wanderlei Silva over a years-old dispute they had over a misunderstanding that was caught on videotape. A week later, the fight hasn't been made. Sonnen has now stepped up his game, trying to get a fight with Silva on the UFC on Fox Sports 1 card in Boston in August.

Sonnen was nice enough to even make the poster. He added the image at right to his Twitter background. Not only does he want to fight Silva in August, but he's hoping for a five-round bout in the headlining spot.

Thiago Alves is expected to take on Matt Brown on this card, and Connor McGregor has been campaigning for a bout. Sonnen wants this fight so badly he's even willing to give up a portion of his purse to help Silva's hometown.

Silva was born and raised in Curitiba, Brazil, and still identifies with Brazil, but his gym is in Las Vegas. Sonnen was able to talk his way into a fight with Jon Jones. Will he get his wish here?

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