Chael Sonnen says LeBron James is a ‘dork’

Maggie Hendricks

Chael Sonnen, the man who has dropped his last two UFC fights, thinks LeBron James, the four-time NBA Most Valuable Player, is a "dork." Sonnen appeared on "The Jim Rome Show" and called James names, and then went on to rip the NBA's practice of calling their champs world champions.

"I think LeBron's a dork. He won one world championship, and that was in the Olympic Games. It's so aggravating to hear a title be called a 'world champion' when it's only done in America. It's not a global event where the whole world can participate. You didn't win a world title. You won a national title."

Sonnen trained for the Olympics before switching to MMA. He got to the Olympic Trials, so you can see why he might be sensitive about throwing around the "world title" moniker.

To be fair, the NBA has become an international force. Six players on the Spurs were born outside the U.S. Chris Anderson, James' teammate on the Heat, is from another world. James has had a rough time during the NBA Finals. His Miami Heat are down 2-1 to the San Antonio Spurs. James said after Tuesday's shellacking that he had to put it "on his chest." No need to kick him while he's down, Chael.

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